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We started using essential oils to help our kids sleep better. Then we realized how much more they can do and how much better we feel when we use products made from natural, healthy, simple ingredients from the earth.

I’m Julie. This is my husband, Josh, and our three boys, Deacon, Graham and Lyle. We live outside of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania in a 200 year old barn we bought at a sherrif’s sale, gutted, rehabed, and moved into. We love spending time with family and friends, spontaneous dance parties in the living room, and educating other families on how easy it is to ditch the toxic crap and live more naturally.

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Small Choices Lead to Big Changes

Keep it Simple

How we use Essential oils

  • Diffuse 3 drops of lavender before bedtime for a restful sleep.
  • Use a drop of lemon to get crayons or stickers off around the house or in your hardwood floor cleaner.
  • Mix 1 drop peppermint with 4 drops carrier oil and rub over the back of your neck on hot days.
  • Add 3 drops of citrus fresh to a damp washcloth or wool dryer balls, throw them into the dryer instead of dryer sheets.
  • Put 3 drops of lemon or citrus fresh on a cotton ball– put in trash cans, diaper pails, and shoes.
  • Add a few drops to a wet washcloth on the shower floor while taking a hot shower and take deep breaths.  Great for winter time!
  • Rub a drop of digize with carrier oil over your stomach after you’ve had a big meal, top with a drop of peppermint oil.
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