In the spring, we took our baby to the doctor and he was diagnosed with an ear infection. We started antibiotics. 3 weeks later, we went back for an ear check and the infection was still there – round 2 of antibiotics.

Thankfully, the second round of antibiotics cleared up the infection but reeked havoc on the rest of his body. He had major digestion issues, developed a yeast infection in his diaper area (Antibiotics kill all the good bacteria too that usually balance out the yeast), thrush (yeast in the mouth) and then I got it on my breast since we’re breastfeeding.

About 6 weeks later, we went to the doctor for his 6 months well check he had another double ear infection. The pediatrician said both ears were severely impacted and recommended another round of antibiotics. I was determined to find a better way— three rounds of antibiotics in such a short period of time plus all the side effects from it was not something I wanted to do if I could avoid it.

I spoke with the doctor about my concerns, she agreed and we came up with a plan. We were going to try a couple of natural remedies at home (she didn’t have any suggestions, but I told her I would do some research), come back in five days, and if it wasn’t getting better, start antibiotics again.

Over the next five days, we gave him one drop of garlic oil in each ear 3x per day. We rolled a roller with coconut oil, lavender, and purification around the outside of his ear and down the side of his neck 3x per day too.

Five days later, we went back to the pediatrician. NO EAR INFECTION! She took down my recipes to use on her toddler and sent me on my way.

This is in no way a replacement for a doctor’s advice, and if my kids are pulling on their ears or complaining about ear pain for more than a couple of days after I’ve tried my natural stuff, then I’m taking them to the doctor. This has been a great first step for us and, fortunately, the only step we’ve had to take for the last several months.

I’ve learned that, in my house, ear infections tend to follow a cold and/or runny nose. At the first sign of a runny nose, we start the garlic oil and lavender/purification roller 1x per day as a precaution and it has been working wonders for us.

Hope this helps some other parents too!😊