We’re trying to teach Deacon how to take a shower by himself before heading off to kindergarten. The first time he was in there alone, I went to get him a towel and came back to learn that we lost half a bottle of shampoo to “washing Spiderman’s hair.” (I’m pretty sure the plastic Spiderman doesn’t have hair, but whatever).

We also lost all of the body wash because “Look mommy, I helped you wash all of the walls!”

I got some foaming pump bottles and filled them each with 1/4 shampoo or body wash and the rest water. He gets 1 pump for his head and 2 pumps for his body.
I also took all of the traditional toys out and replaced them with a bottle of thieves cleaner and a grout brush. I showed him the “most fun” way to use them (i.e. spray the tile and scrub the grout).

He loves it. 🙌🏼😆 I’m going to milk that one as long as I can.