Why Young Living

Young Living Oils

There is no rating system or regulatory agency that governs essential oils. As a mom, that’s frustrating. I know I can walk into a grocery store, flip over a box of crackers, and read all of the nutrition facts ingredients inside.

In the United States, you can’t flip over a bottle of oil and read any sort of nutrition facts. You don’t know what’s inside that oil besides the oil itself.

You have to go with integrity and trust the company that you’re working with. The only company that we use is Young Living because they have built a reputation of integrity and transparency. They own their own farms, all over the world, in areas where each crop grows natively.

You can visit any farm you want, open any door, ask any questions that you want, walk out into the farm fields, see and smell the crops, participate in the harvest, which has to be done at exactly the right time to get maximum benefits and from that crop’s oil, watch the distillation, which has to be at the perfect temerature, and see the whole process unfold from seed to seal.

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